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    Scripting:  HTML | PDF
    How to harness BeOS's extensive scripting architecture.

    Games:  HTML | PDF
    It doesn't take an engineer to see that all of the media-optimized technology built into BeOS also happens to make it a potentially tremendous gaming platform.

    Emulation:  HTML | PDF
    While some people experiment with emulators out of curiosity rather than necessity, a well-implemented emulator can save you from having to reboot by enabling you to accomplish tasks that normally can only be done in another system.

    Hardware and Peripherals:  HTML | PDF
    As if it weren't difficult enough to continue improving and updating an operating system, Be has the added responsibility of keeping up with the ever-changing hardware world. No matter how amazing the OS technology itself is, it doesn't mean jack if it won't work with the hardware you already own or are considering purchasing.

    The Kits:  HTML | PDF
    Each of the system servers described in Chapter 5 dips into its own pool of shared code and doles it out to applications as needed. These pools are divided into broad categories of functions called "Kits," and provide fundamental services (like networking, audio, data translation, and file management) to the system in the cleanest, most efficient way possible.

    The Future:  HTML | PDF
    This chapter is all about the future of BeOS: what new capabilities, software, hardware, and OS concepts you can expect to see in the coming years.

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Hardware and Peripherals
The Kits
The Future
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