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"Whether you like Mac, Windows, Linux, or some other OS, one thing is guaranteed: after you read The BeOS Bible, you won't think about your operating system in the same way."
--Max Green, PC World Online

"The BeOS Bible is the definitive guide to exploring the wonder of the BeOS. It provides a Be insider's look at every aspect of using the system, and Mr. Hacker manages to make the excursion entertaining as well as informative."
--Dan Farber, Editor-in-Chief, ZDNET

"If today's OS warring can be likened to religious crusades, then Scot Hacker's The BeOS Bible is the heretic's handbook! He writes fast-paced, readable iconoclasm for end users and content creators who need an OS that's a tool--not a barrier--to getting things done. I'm a convert."
--Isao Yagi, Web Developer, Content Creator, Ziff-Davis

"The BeOS Bible is the final word in understanding the BeOS. Even after using BeOS for a couple of years, The BeOS Bible has taught us some invaluable tips and tricks we never knew."
--Adrian Ziemkowski, Editor-in-Chief, BeNEWS

"What sets this book apart from other computer guides is its passion: Scot Hacker adores BeOS, knows it cold, and loves explaining it. If you can read this book without turning into a rabid BeOS geek, then you must be in a coma."
--Pagan Kennedy, Author of Spinsters, Zine, and Pagan Kennedy's Living

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