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By Scot Hacker, Henry Bortman and Chris Herborth
ISBN 0-201-35377-6
List price: $34.99 U.S.
944 pages
1st published 1999

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Fast, elegant, powerful, and new, the Be operating system, like Linux, delivers workstation power on inexpensive desktop hardware. An OS you have to see to believe, it's designed to give digital artists and content creators who work with video, animation, graphics, audio, and Internet publishing unprecedented power and speed. Plus it's ready to go "out of the box" on both PowerPC and Intel platforms.

The BeOS Bible is the complete guide for this exciting new operating system, and the first book on Be written with non-programmers in mind. Like all books in the Bible series, The BeOS Bible covers it all, from starting up to running servers. The expert authors, all intimately involved with Be, guide readers through the details with instructive explanations and graphics.

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