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MP3: The Definitive Guide -- Back Cover
Scot Hacker
The wildly popular MP3 algorithm lets users compress audio data to a fraction of its original size, and has led to a revolution in file-based music storage and distribution. MP3: The Definitive Guide is the bible of this phenomenon -- a fast-moving, well-written guide to the juicy bits for MP3 power users. What sets this book apart is its attention to detail, including coverage of legal issues, "home-brew" solutions, and concentration on audiophile concerns. You'll learn everything there is to know about creating your own MP3 files for different kinds of music and playback environments.

For instance, you'll learn exactly what it means to listen to a "perceptual codec" and how it affects encoding practices, how to conduct "scientific" listening tests, and even how to place speakers in a room. You’ll find a detailed explanation of the codec itself, and learn how MP3 compares with other common codecs and formats. Ripping and encoding from digital and analog sources are covered in depth.

The Definitive Guide contains advanced information for using MP3 tools on the most popular operating systems, including Windows, Unix/Linux, MacOS, and BeOS. You'll also find an expert's guide to finding MP3 files online, web sites to look for, and instructions for downloading MP3 via newsreaders and FTP clients. You'll also learn how to set up your own MP3 server for download or broadcast.

This book also covers:

MP3 storage. As your collection grows, you'll need to start thinking about organizing it logically by maintaining and databasing ID3 tags. Of course, you'll want to create playlists from MP3 database queries. You'll also learn about working with global Internet databases to automatically gather track and artist listings.

Copyright and legal issues. The MP3 world is full of legal traps and snares, and this book will help you navigate their murky waters, stay inside the law, and learn about the many acts, laws, and technical initiatives designed to simultaneously protect the rights of artists, labels, and consumers. Will MP3 make the record industry irrelevant? Chapters 1 and 7 deal with these issues in depth.

Hardware options. Your computer may not be the final destination for your MP3 collection. A new range of portable, home stereo, and car MP3 players are becoming available, and this book will help you discover what to look for. Also covered is the expanding world of kit and "DIY" MP3 hardware.

MP3: The Definitive Guide is packed with depth and detail, and has been technically reviewed by prominent members of the MP3 community, including Sander van Zoest, the High Geek of MP3.com. This book succinctly covers hundreds of common MP3-related questions, frustrations, and problems, and is aimed squarely at power users and audiophiles. No matter your level of involvement with the technology, this book is your definitive guide to building a techologically advanced musical library.

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