Hacker Family Photo Cabinet

While Scot and John Hacker were growing up, there was always a tall bureau dresser in the house full of (mostly) Jim's photographs. Jim took a lot of pictures with a range of cameras, and there were always new envelopes of prints coming back from the developer. After the family had seen them, into the cabinet they went.

Since Jim had been an enthusiastic photographer before marriage, the collection extended back into the early 1950s on the Hacker side. Over time, other photos from Frank and Gertrude (Grossmom and Grosspop) and Veda and Chalmers (Grandma and Grandpa) were introduced.

In 2023, I (Scot Hacker) selected a thousand or so prints to have digitized, then did my best to put timestamps and titles on them for posterity. The project resulted in a Lightroom web gallery here, but I wanted the gallery to live on if I ever canceled my Lightroom subscription, so I made a manual version here, which is an exact copy of what's on this thumb drive. If you visit the web version, log in with username "hackerfam" and password "jimavis".

This archive is primarily a gift for my son Miles, my niece Scarlett, and my nephew Tanner, in the hope that someday in the future they'll have access to the same collection of family history in photographs that was maintained by Jim. I hope that someday you'll find this and be able to get a good sense of part of your family lineage.

Scot Hacker, December 2023