May 25, 2002 :: Week 19 Sonogram

Went in for Amy's mid-term sonogram today. The last time we saw the little bongo it was just an inch long. Now it's around 8" and all of its major parts are clearly visible. Eyes and lips and nose and fingers and toes and spine and cranium ... a little tiny bladder ... two arms and two legs ... moving constantly, vigourous ... making itself ... had to try to not see whether it had a weenie ... amazing to see it turn its little alien face towards us ... Amy started to cry ... it's all becoming so real ... can't believe we're halfway there already ... come on out little person, come on out ...


On its back, gazing at its womb ceiling, daydreaming, in profile.

We're renting a doppler for a little while so we can listen to the bean's heartbeat. Tonight we did a recording ... Stork Radio ... turn up yr speakers and you'll hear it behind this page ...

Little alien face turns towards us, curious about the mysterious blast of isotopes emanating from the ultrasound nozzle. What planet did you live on last?


Don't hear anything?
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