I once spent several years digitizing my LP and CD collections, along with those of many friends. For every album for which cover art was not retrieved automatically by iTunes, or that couldn't be found at a decent quality/resolution on Google Images, I photographed or scanned the covers myself. Because I benefitted so much from the contributions of thousands of strangers who had contributed their own scans to the intertubes, I'm doing the same and offering these 1,468 covers back to others who are working to preserve the glory of album art in the age of streaming. They're not all perfect, but I've done my best and learned a lot as the project progressed (later scans are much better than the early ones). I'm offering these at 1500px square for the most part, though a few dozen of the early ones are smaller than 1000px. I personally embed at 1000px square so you'll probably want to resize most of these before embedding.

Click the image below to access the collection.