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I’ve been been wracking my brain trying to figure who played Jane the Junkie’s dad on Breaking Bad. Looked so familiar but couldn’t put a finger on the actor. Turns out it was Q all along (TNG):

John de Lancie
John de Lancie was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended Kent State University where he won a scholarship to Juilliard. John’s father was a professional oboist with the Philadelphia Sympho…

Thistle Fluff

Two hours of ukulele and another fantastic hike with family on the Havey Canyon Trail, El Cerrito Hills. Caught this amazing cluster of thistles trapping all of their own fluff, which had blown off in recent winds. The fluff glows when afternoon sun filters through it.

Two houses of ukulele and a great hike. Thistle fluff on a lovely Sunday. 
Two houses of ukulele and a great hike. Thistle fluff on a lovely Sunday.

No Time!

Spotted at the local Japanese dry good store – NOTIME chewing gum. According to the friendly clerk, this is for times when you don’t have time to brush your teeth. To me, it reads like “Everything you do is a whirlwind frenzy!”

No time! 
No time!

Odyssey, Angel Island

Spent an incredible day Sunday traipsing around Angel Island with family and friends, immersed in the We Players’ interpretation of Homer’s Odyssey. Not so much a retelling of the whole story (which would be impossible) as an impressionistic series of vignettes, acted out in the many strange and wonderful old buildings scattered around the island. The audience hikes between settings (five miles total), with the players acting out bits and pieces of the opus in and amongst the audience – performing soliloquies, celebrations, music and poetry culled from the amazing 1200-year-old story of a hero’s voyage.

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Surrealist collage collection

Thanks for putting this together +Eugenia Loli . Maybe there is some joy on Pinterest after all?

For a decade, I produced annual calendars of collage art — first analog, with good old razors and glue stick, and later digital. Browsing Eugenia’s collection makes me want to return to the form… but in what free time?

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Collage Art
My favorite collage art to draw inspiration from. Description is all about why I find them interesting.

Wow, this just stopped me cold

In July 2010 I posted a writeup of my family’s experience in Kauai, which I found physically and spiritually cleansing (linked below). Tonight, I received the following comment, and am just not sure how to respond. It’s a bit racist, and full of obviously gross generalizations. But there’s a part of me that understands where this is coming from – a heart that just wants the old ways back, wants Hawaii back.

“Your race is a pestilence to my people, our culture and OUR way of life. Your stench has been filling our nostrils since the arrival of your kind. Your exploitation, your perversion and your robbery of our history and our land makes me sick. Iʻm glad you had a nice time galavanting around the land of my fathers and mothers, Iʻm glad you had fun seeing our wonderful island in all its beauty and thinking you have a right to even look upon it. I shall remember your trip, and your pictures, and when you return, for scourge always does, you will get no respect, no hospitality from me or my ohana, who outnumber all the citizens of Kauaʻi.”

Kauai 2010 | scot hacker’s foobar blog
It’s sometimes said that Kauai is the last remaining vestige of “the old Hawaii” or “the real Hawaii” – the last bastion of island life as it was before much of it was taken over by hotel chains a…

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