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    What you prescribe must still be for iTunes 10, right? Any idea how to get full-size album art in iTunes 11?

  2. ·

    Francis, it’s even easier in iTunes 11 – just click on the album cover thumbnail in the top/main status bar.

  3. Ben

    I wish clicking on the album cover thumbnail didn’t bring the picture down to obscure half the songs…this looks sloppy…i want iTunes to bring back the FULL SCREEN COVER FLOW. That looked a lot cleaner.

  4. FastEddie

    In windows, Ctrl-click the album artwork to get the full-size album art which you can then resize by dragging any corner of the pop-up window to your desired size.

  5. tuneupmdia

    Well, apparently iTunes does not have a nice full screen view with cover flow.
    I use this “full screen mode” now: Shift + Control + Eject (= blacking screen).

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