1. Brent

    Fantastic Scot! We love Kauai too. Im At the OR coast riding those sand bikes (add to bucketlist) again, but will share some stories when I get back. Cheers!

  2. Scott Gelfand

    wow – incredible!!!! That is a phenomenal trip!!!! Great photos and insights..
    and the one in the shower is a lol timeless shot!

  3. ·

    I found this post on a search for Kauai blogs–my husband, 5 year old daughter and I are leaving for Hanalei in about 3 weeks. We’ve never been to Hawaii before at all. I really enjoyed reading about how much your kids enjoyed their experiences. Thanks for the post!

  4. ·

    So glad you enjoyed Casey, thanks. Hanalei rocks – I’d go again in a heartbeat.

  5. Melemele

    Thanks Scot! Found this post looking at Moloa’a images. I will be staying, in Dec, right next door to where you were! It looks like paradise! Your video of your “morning commute” is what sealed the deal of staying here. Mahalo nui loa once again.

  6. ·

    Melemele – Wonderful! Have an excellent trip. Wish I could be snorkeling in that bay right now.

  7. The Raven

    Your race is a pestilence to my people, our culture and OUR way of life. Your stench has been filling our nostrils since the arrival of your kind. Your exploitation, your perversion and your robbery of our history and our land makes me sick. Iʻm glad you had a nice time galavanting around the land of my fathers and mothers, Iʻm glad you had fun seeing our wonderful island in all its beauty and thinking you have a right to even look upon it. I shall remember your trip, and your pictures, and when you return, for scourge always does, you will get no respect, no hospitality from me or my ohana, who outnumber all the citizens of Kauaʻi.

  8. Karen

    excellent read. and your photos are amazing! what kind of camera were you using?

  9. Karen

    aloha, again.
    can you share via private email where you stayed in Moloa’a? love it there. didn’t know any rentals that far back could access the stream.

    much appreciation.

  10. ·

    Hi Karen – Thanks, glad you enjoyed the photos! The camera I used on that trip was a standard Canon PowerShot. These days I’ve switched to all iPhone photography.

    I’m afraid I no longer have the contact info for the rental agency through which we found that house, but yes it was amazing! If you call a rental agent in that area, they should be able to help you find something similarly remote. Oh – the house was called “Jade Lily” – ask for that and they should be able to help you find it.

  11. Gwen

    Just found and read your blog! Loved it! Beautiful pics and detailed information! I’m leaving oct 16th for Kauai without a date to return! My daughters idea as she has been there twice, may and June 2012. She’s moving from anchorage and I am from louisiana. Hoping to stay for years! However, she has already booked a flight to Peru in January. Thanks again for your blog! Gwen

  12. ·

    Thanks Gwen – Glad you enjoyed. No return date? That’s awesome. I’m jealous. Have a great trip.

  13. ·

    Having lived in Hawaii for three years in Hawaii, I must say it is one of the most beautiful places I have been, The whether is to die for. The one place that I would recommend for some really good entertainment is the Polynesian Cultural Center. They have some of the best shows and exhibits that give you a good feel for the Polynesian culture.

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